The Socialist Party of New York City combined efforts with International Women's Strike and Paro Internacional De Mujeres for International Working Women's Day on March 8th!

The Local organized a contingent, literature table and marched together to Zuccotti Park. SPNY Chair Tana Forrester also spoke, representing the Party.
The Bay Area Local attended the Working Women's Day rally and march in Oakland on Wednesday March 8th. The event was completely inspiring and gives us so much hope for the future! Oakland knows how to get down. We heard countless calls to end patriarchy, oppression, white supremacy, and capitalism. The event was also anti-police, anti-ICE, and pro-immigrant and pro-sex workers, as well as very interesectional. We heard from some awesome speakers, and saw some great signs and banners indicating the anti-capitalist nature of the group. There was also a chant against both capitalist parties, the Democrats and Republicans.. the crowd was pretty diverse and mostly women and young people. Our group included Jenna Tuttle, Ian Morrison, Zach Mingue Sohn, Antonio Salas, and Tina Phillips. Jenna made a home-made banner for us from canvas and paint, which came out awesome! It was held by various members throughout the rally and march. Members spoke with others about building socialism in the Bay Area and handed out pamphlets about the party. Follow-up plans include building towards May Day and possibly joining a socialist contingent with other socialist groups. One of our newest members, Zach, spoke to a reporter and made the news.

Members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local attended AF3IRM's International Working Women's Day march convening in front of Los Angeles Police Department headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

The Socialist Party held a presentation on Theodore W Allen's Invention of the White Race with Jerry Perry at the National Office in Chinatown NYC.

Jeffrey gave a presenttaion to approx two dozen attendees and a great discussion was held on topics including works by Hubert Harrison, Socialist Party history and fighting white supremacy and white "nationalism" in the currnet poltical climate.

We hope to have Jeffrey back soon!
On the first Saturday of February the Indianapolis Socialist Party-USA organized a rally entitled "No Fascist USA" against Donald J. Trump and the revitalized fascist movement in the United States. Community members spoke about their fears and laid out paths of action so that right-wing absurdities can be stopped in it's tracks. Around 100 people attended, local news stations covered the rally, and people had their voices heard.
Northern New Jersey Local members joined dozens of activists in Montclair to call on the city to proclaim itself a "sanctuary city". Local members will also join a group of community residents at Town Council on February 7th to speak in favor of a sanctuary city proclamation.

The Capital District Socialist Party joined with DSA-Albany today at the picket line at Momentive in Waterford supporting IUE-CWA Local 81359 workers. Workers of the World Unite !!
Socialist Party members and supporters joined hundreds of others at the Cleveland's Hopkins International Airport for a peaceful action to oppose Trump's immigration Executive Order.  

SPUSA hosted a social meetup for local leftists of all tendencies and associations. SPUSA, Socialist Alternative, International Socialist Organization, and Industrial Workers of the World were all represented this evening as we got to know each other, discussed local issues, and traded ideas on collaboration and how to move forward.
Capital District Socialist Party members protestrf with Albany Black Lives Matter and AFSCME Local 1961 at Mayor Kathy Sheehan's State of the City address. We demand justice for Dontay Ivy, and a fair contract for Blue Collar Workers' Union.